Meditation Holidays on Corfu

Many people turn to meditation as a way to relax and slow down in this crazy world of ours. The north-west of Corfu has a long history of meditation retreats and holidays, as two meditation centres have been operating here for more than 20 years, both under German management and attracting mainly German visitors. Since a couple of years there is a third meditation center in the area, the Buddha Hall in Magoulades. The Buddha Hall offers all kinds of meditation, from silent meditation and yoga to singing, chanting, dancing and many more disciplines. To find out more about meditation holidays on Corfu, visit the Green Corfu website.

At Miranda’s house we have been receiving guests who come to meditate in Arillas and Agios Stefanos for many years. We offer comfortable, high quality accommodation, a beautiful garden, a nice view and a central but still quiet and peaceful location.

If you are planning to join a meditation course on Corfu, some of the centers require that you book directly with them, but if you just want to get a flavour, some of the centers have open events you can visit as an outsider. In this case, our apartments would be a choice you should seriously consider. We will be glad to receive you and will do our best to make your stay on Corfu unforgettable!